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What are some common customizations for Boom Trucks?

Boom trucks are designed and customized to suit the application they are meant to be used for. For instance, boom trucks meant in a construction or heavy equipment lifting-and-transport context may have a crane at the rear. These cranes lift heavy items from and off the bed of the truck. When the crane is short and compact, it is called "knuckle boom", and when the crane's length spans the entire length of the truck's bed, it is called "trolley boom". It is not uncommon for such boom trucks to have capacities of lifting and transporting items weighing anywhere between 10 tons and 50 tons.

Another typical boom truck customization is one that is used for construction sites for movement of concrete. The boom in these trucks is fitted with a pipe with a nozzle at the far end. As and when required, concrete loaded in the truck bed is pushed through the pipe to the desired location on the construction site. The boom's height proves especially useful in cases where the location is inaccessible in normal circumstances, or the location is at a considerable height. It is not unusual for concrete boom trucks to have booms with length of up to 71 meters or about 230 feet.

Finally, another variant of the boom truck is the self-propelled truck which is deployed in large warehouses and manufacturing facilities. These trucks are small in size and useful in lifting workers to the upper reaches of a storage area, and also to the ceilings. Such boom trucks are more convenient and also safer than the conventional extension ladder.

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