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What are some different types of Reach Trucks?

A reach truck comes in a variety of models. The simplest model is called the "Stand-up" reach model. Here, the reach truck operator slides the forks beneath the pallet, lifts it, transports it to the designated location, and deposits the pallet on to the location by sliding it in place. This truck model is ideal for contexts where the shelving unit is not deeper than the width of the pallet that is required to be placed on it.

A second model of the reach truck is called "double-deep". The functionality of this forklift is similar to that of the basic model; however, the double-deep model has telescopic forks with lengths that can accommodate two pallets of material. The advantage here is that the double-deep reach truck is capable of reaching deeper into the recess of the shelf, and therefore more pallets can be lifted and transported and also shelved in the available space.

The third model that is popular in the domain of reach trucks is the "Straddle". The straddle model has the facility to slide beneath the pallet, and also grab the sides concurrently. This ensures that the pallet does not topple over during transport. Further, in contexts where a pallet may be further down the line, the straddle can pick up and grab it without disturbing the other pallets.

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