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What are some of the advantages of a Powered Pallet Truck?

A standard powered pallet truck has the load-bearing capacity of up to about 3,000 pounds. The forks on the truck are reinforced so as to hold weights of this size. They are also tapered in some cases to increase the grip on the pallets and also to prevent any slippage.

A manual or hydraulic-driven truck will in general be able to lift more weight than the powered pallet truck. Despite that, one reason for the popularity of these trucks is the ease and convenience of handling and operation that operators experience with them. Lifting the material and transporting it from source to destination within the warehouse is done with agility. The truck can be maneuvered very quickly in any direction desired, and reversing does not require any effort. It can even negotiate tight turns without any problem. Operators routinely drive the truck on ramps placed between a delivery truck and the warehouse ground. Therefore such trucks are a must-have in fast-paced environments such as express mail centers.

Most brands of the powered pallet truck require the operator to stand at the rear of the machine while handling it, though a few brands also incorporate a seat for the operator in their design. Labor laws in force at the workplace essentially dictate whether a powered pallet truck operator needs a license in order to function. When such laws are in place, the implication for both the employer and the employee is for the latter to undergo requisite training to use the machine, followed perhaps by passing an examination when there is no safety inspector to certify the training program having been gone through.

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