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What are some advantages of Scissor Pallet Trucks?

The lift of the scissor pallet truck is not driven by hydraulics. As such, the rate of rise of the lift is not smooth and constant, leading to certain bumpiness in its ride up and down. However, this shortcoming is easily offset by certain of its more powerful benefits.

Because of the scissor-like folding of the arms, the scissor pallet truck occupies less space than the conventional pallet truck. Because of this reason again, this truck is more suitable where the space is restricted. A scissor pallet truck is more agile than a full-sized forklift in situations where singly-stacked pallets are to be transported from point A to point B quickly. Their small turning radius and ease of maneuverability also make them the right candidate for offloading vans and trucks.

A scissor pallet truck is also known to be sturdier than the full-size conventional forklift, because its design permits the weight of the load to be evenly distributed across the arms of the scissors. In the conventional forklift, the weight is borne by one or at most two points.

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