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What different types of Internal Combustion Cushion Tire Lift Trucks does Hyster offer?

Hyster offers the following types of Internal Combustion Cushion Forklifts:

The Hyster Fortis S30-40FT/S lift truck is reputed to have the toughest powertrain in the industry. Other prominent features include industrial-strength electronics and excellent operator ergonomics.

The Fortis S40-70FT series offers three pre-configured engine transmission bundles to choose from. The client has the option here to select the one bundle that meets their business objectives the best.

The Hyster Fortis S80-120FT series of lift truck offers configurations involving multiple chassis, including the Box Car Special (BCS), the Paper Roll Special (PRS), and the Short Truck Length (FTS).

The Hyster-Fortis S135-155FT series of lift trucks offers standard oil-cooled wet disc brakes. This is a unique braking system which maintains its performance level in wet and dirty environments also. The brakes are essentially maintenance-free and require no adjustments.

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