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What types of Hyster Motorized Hand Lift Trucks are in the market?

Hyster offers the following Motorized Hand Lift Trucks:

The C60-80Z Center Rider Pallet Truck Series has a welded heavy-duty steel plate/bar constructed frame and forks with steel casings. This fabrication allows the truck to operate in high stress areas. An SEM drive motor unit with integral, tapered rolled steer bearing works to enhance control, as the operator moves from staging loads and crossing dock boards to moving in and out of trailers. A 3-position tilt steer column and a 25 inch wide steer handle with full rotary grips that control travel speed and direction provides excellent ergonomics for high speed transporting of goods.

Hyster walkie motorized pallet trucks incorporate features such as creep speed and fingertip control, which the operator finds easy for handling the equipment. The Freighter‚??s Special option offers shorter fork tips and a unique bumper profile, making loads easier to pin-wheel inside trailers. This makes it possible for the operator to place two additional pallets in a trailer quickly and efficiently.

The Hyster B60ZAC and B80ZAC trucks have a load-carrying capacity of 6,000 to 8,000 pounds. The trucks have a range of fork lengths to choose from. They also come with a variety of application and environmental packages that the client can sift and select based on their specific purpose. The trucks also incorporate in their design AC technology and CANbus system. The B80ZAC truck has an optional Power Assist Steer, which helps reduce fatigue and improve productivity.

The Hyster T5Z and T7Z tow tractors have a 3-position tilt steer column and a 17-inch wide steer handle. The steer handle has full rotary grips that control both travel speed and direction. There is some good ergonomics built into the overall system. The floor-mounted, high-speed pedal has a low profile. When the operator is in transport position, the standard cushioned backpad, coupled with the bulkhead pad and the thick anti-fatigue floor mat provide excellent comfort. A large operator platform with low step-in height affords quick entry/exit onto the truck, especially for those applications where walking through is common.

The Hyster Walkie Reach, Straddle and Counterbalanced stacker line of motorized pallet trucks are suitable for unloading and loading trailers, dockside maneuvering, and stocking. The trucks come with user-selectable performance modes and excellent ergonomics. The trucks also feature on the handle of the steering, fingertip controls for raising and lowering the lift, changing travel speed and direction. The creep or ‚??turtle‚?Ě speed button, located on the bottomside of the handle allows the operator to maneuver the walkie stackers in and out of tight areas, with the steer handle in the upright position. The W20-30ZR model has an added facility to extend and retract. Further, a side-shift is available as an option to make load-handling easier and more precise.

The HyBot truck has a rotating laser mechanism which makes positioning more precise than that provided by wire guidance systems. Further, the HyBot has the capability to send announcements to the operator via a wireless paging system, whenever there is need for manual intervention.

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